Saturday, May 24, 2008

Senor Mosquito In: Senor Mosquito Makes a Hard Decision

Senor Mosquito's Debut. This is my final piece from Foundation at Vancouver Film School.
Note: The intro text is impossible to read in this version. It says: ONE DAY IN THE WILD WAST,(The "AST" is replaced by "EAST"). "ONE DAY IN THE WILD WEAST..."

If confused by the plot, email me at

PS. Sorry for the quality; The compression was needed for internet postage.

1 comment:

Williaint said...

The walk and jump cycles are to die for, and the fcurve-splines are so perfectly timed, I should have got an award.
I can't even believe the narration... it's non confident, and remind me of that stupid Pierre animation I did once.
It's embarrassing, for I ... am Senor Mosquito!