Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WOW, and on, and on...

Coming from a place where the tallest building is the one that's built on the highest hill, New York is intense! Although I've lived in the city for a few years, New York certainly is different from anything I've ever seen... or felt! The temperature was always hot.
I originally wanted to go with friends, but went with my mom! Still fun! Especially the David Letterman Show, and even more especially the Book of Mormon (I expect there will be a film version within the next 6 years, but it still won't do the Broadway show justice).

So ... I have some new things on my website. Firstly: Drawings, A few images. I'm changing the DemoReel to Streaming via Youtub. I also have a good quality version of Senor Mosquito Posted to Youtub. Oh wait, is it You Tube? Okay, that makes more sense.... whatever.
More to come (Including the mysterious Sequel to Senor Mosquito, and "Hi, Harold!").